Police raids close strings of illegal websites in Iceland


Reykjavik – Police in Iceland have conducted a string of raids across the country, arresting seven people and closing six illegal websites. In the days after the raids, internet traffic in the country dropped by 30 per cent.

Officers were responding to a complaint by music and film rights holders who had investigated the operation of the six websites.

The police raided nine locations in total, including one company that specialised in hosting websites, and seized computers and mobile phones for further examination. The investigation is ongoing and further arrests are expected.

The seven individuals arrested to date are expected to face charges relating to facilitating and profiting from copyright infringement.

IFPI’s national group reports that internet traffic in Iceland dropped by around 30 per cent in the aftermath of the raids. The closure of the six sites means there are virtually no unlicensed services operating that specialise in facilitating the distribution of Icelandic content.

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Gunnar Gunnar Guðmundsson